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Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google's Android operating system, built on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA software and designed specifically for Android development. It is available for download on Windows, macOS and Linux based operating systems or as a subscription-based service in 2020. (Wikipedia)


Linux download

Download the Studio from the official website and run bin/

Arch Linux

Install the android-studio package. Open the Studio and follow the instructions to install the SDK.


Create desktop entry

  • Tools > Create Desktop Entry

Error and problems

jre/bin/java Access denied while updating

Error message
Some conflicts were found in the installation area.
File          Action  Problem        Solution
jre/bin/java  Update  Access denied  NONE
  • Find all JRE processes
ps -ef | grep jre
  • Identify the process from the Gradle deamon (e.g. gradle-launcher-5.6.2.jar org.gradle.launcher.daemon.bootstrap.GradleDaemon 5.6.2)
  • Kill that process: kill -9 <pid>

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