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awesome is a dynamic window manager for the X Window System developed in the C and Lua programming languages. Lua is also used for configuring and extending the window manager. Its development began as a fork of dwm. It aims to be extremely small and fast, yet extensively customizable. It makes it possible for the user to manage windows with the use of keyboard. (Wikipedia)


Arch Linux

First install Server and then awesome (maybe vicious as well)

pacman -S awesome

Next configure the ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua (see Configuration section). The default terminal is xterm, so maybe install it as well or change it.

echo "exec awesome" >> ~/.xinitrc


Awesome WM Copycats

mkdir -p ~/.config/
git clone --recursive ~/.config/awesome
cp ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua.template ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua

Set theme

Change the chosen_theme variable in rc.lua.

Set terminal

Change the terminal variable in rc.lua.

Errors and problems

All characters are squares

pacman -S ttf-dejavu

Wrong keyboard layout

setxkbmap -layout de

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