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Die LaTeX Vorlage ist für Übungszettel (z.B. an der Hochschule) gedacht. Sie verwendet die LaTeX Klasse exercisesheet, die du dir als zip-Datei herunterladen kannst: exercisesheet - A LaTeX Class for Typesetting Exercise Sheets. Entweder kannst du dir das RAW Package herunterladen und die exercisesheet.cls Datei einfach in das gleiche Verzeichnis wie deine tex-Datei kopieren oder du installierst das TDS-Compliant Package, nachdem du dieses heruntergeladen hast.

Template (new)


Further information: Gist with code


% LaTeX_Vorlage_Uebungsblatt.tex
% Source:
% Documentation:


% ------------------------- packages ------------------------------------------
% encoding and language

% font

% hyperlink (URL, etc.)

% citation

% math

% code

% pseudocode

% graphics
\usepackage{tikz}                 % includes xcolor

% custom

% ------------------------ listings code style settings -----------------------
% define colors

% code style
\lstset{ %
  language=JAVA,                  % the language of the code
  %basicstyle=\footnotesize,      % the size of the fonts that are used for the code
  numbers=left,                   % where to put the line-numbers
  stepnumber=2,                   % the step between two line-numbers. If it's 1, each line 
                                  % will be numbered
  numbersep=5pt,                  % how far the line-numbers are from the code
  frame=single,                   % adds a frame around the code
  rulecolor=\color{black},        % if not set, the frame-color may be changed on line-breaks
  tabsize=2,                      % sets default tabsize to 2 spaces
  captionpos=b,                   % sets the caption-position to bottom
  breaklines=true,                % sets automatic line breaking
  breakatwhitespace=false,        % sets if automatic breaks should only happen at whitespace
  %keywordstyle=\color{blue},      % keyword style
  %commentstyle=\color{dkgreen},   % comment style
  %stringstyle=\color{colorNavy},  % string literal style
  morekeywords={*,with, where, from, union, all, as},
  literate={ä}{{\"{a}}}1 {ö}{{\"o}}1 {ü}{{\"u}}1,

% ------------------------- commands ------------------------------------------
\newcommand{\todo}[1]{{\em \color{blue}[#1]}\marginpar{{\bf [!!!]}} }

% shortcuts

% ------------------------ exercisesheet class design settings ----------------


\setsheetfont{sheet title}{\sffamily\bfseries\Huge}
\setsheetfont{sheet topic}{\sffamily\bfseries\Huge\color{maincolor}}
\setsheetfont{exercise label}{\sffamily\bfseries\color{maincolor}}

% ------------------------- exercisesheet class text settings -----------------
\setsheettemplate{sheet title (student)}{Mandatory assignment~\thesheet}

% german translation
%\setsheettemplate{sheet title (student)}{Übungszettel~\thesheet}
%\setsheettemplate{exercise name}{Aufgabe}
%\setsheettemplate{subexercise name}{Teilaufgabe}

    lecture   = Models of Concurrency,
    lecturer  = Institute of Informatics,
    semester  = Winter 2013,
    author    = {Peter Müller 345643, Erwin Piper 349684},


Further information: see Manual of the exercisesheet Class

Example usage (include the file as praeambel.tex in the parent directory)



	number= 5,
	topic={Specimen of a Title of an Exercise Sheet}
\exercise[ topic={My exercise} ]


\subexercise[ topic={My sub exercise} ]

Sub exercise


Another sub exercise


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