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Sensor.Community flashing tool

Further information: GitHub repo

Build it

Clone the project (here version 0.3.1)

git clone -b v0.3.1
cd airrohr-firmware-flasher

Create a virtual environment and enable it

python3.8 -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate

Install the dependencies

make deps
pip install --requirement requirements.txt

Create the binary

make dist

Run it

  • Execute the binary ./dist/airrohr-flasher
  • Flash the microcontroller with the firmware
    • Select a Firmware version, e.g. latest_en.bin
    • Click Upload
    • Write down the sensor ID that is shown
  • Configure the sensor
    • Reboot the microcontroller
    • Connect to a WiFi called airRohr-<sensor-id>
    • Open to configure it
    • Configure the WiFi and press Save and restart
  • Now the should be connected to the WiFi. Open https://<ip> to access the UI.

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