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pass is a password manager inspired by the Unix philosophy. It has a command-line interface, and uses GnuPG for encryption and decryption of stored passwords. (Wikipedia)


Arch Linux

pacman -S pass


apt-get install pass



Initialize password store

Initialize password store as Git repository

mkdir ~/.password-store
pass git init
psss init <gpg-id or email>

Insert or generate a password

pass insert my/path/example

Generates a password of the length 20

pass generate my/path/example 20

Insert a multiline password

Use -m for multiline insert.

pass insert -m my/path/example
pass insert -m my/path/example/ssh-privatekey < example.ssh

Or open an editor to insert an password

pass editor my/path/example

Show or copy a password

Show a password

pass my/path/example

Copy password to clipboard

pass -c my/path/example

Errors and problems

Set default editor

Set the editor for the edit

export EDITOR="/usr/bin/vim"

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