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systemd is an init system used in Linux distributions to bootstrap the user space and manage all processes subsequently, instead of the UNIX System V or Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) init systems. [...] One of systemd's main goals is to unify basic Linux configurations and service behaviors across all distributions. (Wikipedia)

Usage for units

A unit can be service, mount point, device or socket.

Show status and running units

(1) List running units and (2) show system status

systemctl list-unit-files
systemctl status

Start, stop, restart and reload

reload reloads the configuration of the unit.

systemctl start <unit>
systemctl stop <unit>
systemctl restart <unit>
systemctl reload <unit>

Enable and disable bootup

(1) Enable a unit to be started on bootup and (2) disable it.

systemctl enable [--now] <unit>
systemctl disable <unit>

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