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Wine (recursive backronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator) is a free and open-source compatibility layer that aims to allow computer programs (application software and computer games) developed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems. Wine also provides a software library, known as Winelib, against which developers can compile Windows applications to help port them to Unix-like systems. (Wikipedia)


Arch Linux


pacman -S wine wine_gecko wine-mono

Errors and problems

No sound

Further information: Wine - Sound

  • Open the configuration GUI winecfg and go to the Audio tab
  • Install the required audio driver, for example for PulseAudio: lib32-libpulse

Install DOSBox

winevdm: C:\Program Files (x86)\xx is a DOS application, you need to install DOSBox.

Arch Linux: Install dosbox

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